Metabolism Myths Debunked

Over time, the word metabolism has taken on many different meanings. In the most widely acknowledged meaning, however, metabolism is referred to as the process by which your body converts food and beverages into energy. Essentially what this means is that the calories from what you eat and drink are combined with oxygen to release the necessary energy your body needs to function properly. So there is very little we can do to really change our metabolic rate. There has come to be many fallacies when it comes to how to live your healthiest and best life. Among those fallacies are quite a few common myths and misconceptions when it comes to your metabolism and weight loss. I will go over some of those myths and explain why they are false below.

Eating six small meals a day can boost your metabolism

MYTH: There is no evidence to suggest that eating six small meals a day burns more calories and boosts your metabolism. What you are eating and your portion sizes is most important. You can get the same benefit from eating 3 or 4 meals a day as long as you are in a caloric deficit.

Eating breakfast can help speed up your metabolism

MYTH: Although skipping breakfast doesn’t have an effect on your metabolic rate, those who skip breakfast tend to snack more throughout the day which can cause weight gain. Not to say this is true for all, but eating a healthy and well-balanced breakfast can help you control your appetite and caloric intake throughout the day.

Eating after 7/8pm will cause you to gain weight

MYTH: When it comes to your metabolism, it really doesn’t matter one way or the other when you eat. Most people, however, feel better eating the majority of their calories during the day when most active. Other people may choose to have a small snack before going to bed because you are either hungry or typically wake up the next morning hungry. If that is the case, I suggest eating fast digesting carbs such as a banana, orange, or cherries. These foods will not only curb your sweet tooth before bed, but they are also thought to contain melatonin which may help you sleep. Also try a slow-digesting food such as protein that will not only leave you satiated, but fuller for longer and chances are, you won’t wake up hungry!

“I’m not losing weight because I have a slow metabolism.”

MYTH: Although it is true that metabolism influences your body’s basic energy needs and can be linked to weight to a degree, a slow metabolism is rarely the culprit to weight gain. It still comes down to how much you are eating and drinking and your daily activity levels. There can be, however, other factors that affect weight such as hormones, genetic makeup, sleep, etc. Those are ultimately the factors that determine your weight. They key is to be in a caloric deficit and maintain healthy habits.

There are no tricks or hacks when it comes to weight loss. There is also not a one trick pony that will speed up your metabolism. To see real results, I recommend you maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet and an active lifestyle!

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