Are you a small to medium sized business who is looking for extra incentives to offer employees returning to the workforce? Are you a First Responder organization or service provider seeking help for first line workers to achieve a higher level of health? Have you thought about offering an employee wellness program?

Research has shown that businesses who offer employee wellness see a reduction in healthcare/insurance costs, increased productivity, higher morale and retention rates, reduction in employee used sick days/callouts, and so much more!

Why Nutrition and Wellness Group Coaching? Having worked in both Corporate America and serving as a Police Officer in the Air Force, I know firsthand just how important nutrition and wellness is. I understand the culture of both first responders and corporate entities and have learned over the many years what the challenges and struggles are for those employees. Providing nutrition and wellness to the workforce comes with many benefits to, not only the employees, but the employers as well. Benefits such as:

  • Reduction in healthcare/insurance costs and reduction in employee used sick days/callouts
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved health behaviors and habits such as increase in exercise/movement, better nutrition choices, stress management, and so much more.
  • Increased employee retention, satisfaction, and morale.
  • Ability to pass a fitness test and perform very physical tasks of the job.

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching with Dark Horse Nutrition provides multiple focus areas that benefit both the employer and employees.

  • Weight Management
  • Stress Management
  • Habit and Mindset Changes
  • Time Management
  • Nutrition Education through wellness presentations/lunch & learns
  • Wellness Challenges/Workshops
  • Individual and Group nutrition counseling


In-Person: Northern Virginia

Virtual: Nationwide

Contact:; (571) 340-1931