Dark Horse Nutrition LLC began with a passion and need to teach and coach others how to control their health and wellness. 


What I’ve Found….


What I’ve found is that most women are left feeling confused, stuck and frustrated trying to navigate the world of nutrition and fitness. Due to an abundance of misinformation spread across the internet, they have a constant fear of certain foods which leaves them labeling foods as “good” or “bad.” This creates a level of anxiety that paralyzes them from enjoying their lifestyle and the foods they love.


They’ve achieved some success in their health and wellness journey, which motivates them to keep trying, however the constant yo-yo dieting and “quick fixes” has left them defeated and thinking they are never going to be able to keep the weight off and live the life they want.  Instead of focusing on the true causes of their unhealthy relationship with food and inability to live a healthy lifestyle long-term, they constantly seek quick fixes to solve their weight and health concerns.


What they really need to do is work with a nutrition coach who has been exactly where they are right now and can empathize with their struggles. Dark Horse Nutrition can help take a deeper look into their nutrition and fitness habits that creates such a stressful and frustrating unhealthy relationship with food by focusing on what we believe is the core formula for optimal health: 



We will help create a plan that enables and empowers them to obtain a healthier relationship around food that ultimately leads to a more fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle.  At Dark Horse Nutrition, it is our mission to stay up-to-date on the changes that impact nutrition and are ready to help you reach your nutrition and health goals today! 


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