Optimize Your Health

Are you a busy professional woman working who is struggling to find time to breathe throughout the work day? Do you find it difficult to manage stress and your nutrition through it all? Because of your high-stress job, are you eating mostly processed foods because that is the quickest and easiest to grab while rushing to get out of the door?
Nutrition doesn’t have to be that difficult for it to work. With the right mindset and healthier habits that fit your busy lifestyle, you can find just the right balance to set you up for success!
Dark Horse Nutrition takes a holistic approach to by focusing not only on nutrition, but also the mental, emotional and physical aspects of your nutrition and health. Dark Horse Nutrition will help with creating a positive and healthier mindset that allows you to achieve optimal health!
There’s no “one size fits all” nutrition plan. My job as a coach is to not only provide information and guidance, but to help find what works best for your specific goals and lifestyle. We will work together to ensure you stay on track while also motivating you along the way!
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